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Kurt Kinetic Trainers – The Elite Stationary Bike Stands For Cyclists

Kinetic by Kurt produces top of the line stationary bike trainers. While the PRO and Rock and Roll PRO models are discontinued, the current Kurt Kinetic trainers are streamlined to offer you the quietest, most realistic bike ride indoors. These include the fluid Rock and Roll and Road Machine trainers, as well as the Cyclone, a wind resistance trainer. 

Most of the information in this article was compiled directly from Kurt Kinetic’s official website. This information is meant to give you a brief overview of the high quality stationary bike stands this company has to offer. 

Kurt Kinetic Rock and Roll 

The highest price tag, at more than $500, the Rock and Roll stationary bike stand offers the most realistic ride as a fluid bike trainer. This Kurt Kinetic trainer allows for natural side-to-side motion as well as strengthens your c ore as you maintain balance. 

The turntable riser ring is a necessary accessory to the Rock and Roll because it allows a cyclist to level a bike or simulate an uphill ride. The swiveling base also allows a cyclist to move freely. 

The Rock and Roll model is for expert cyclists who are serious about their workout routine. 

Kinetic by Kurt Road Machine 

One of the best stationary bike stands around, the Road Machine , offers a quiet, smooth, 100 percent leak-proof ride. Listening to music or watching TV is an option with this bike trainer. As you change speeds, the automatic resistance adjusts, and the power calibration provides a realistic outdoor experience. 

The biggest problem most fluid bike trainers had was leaky fluid. When the impeller’s shaft penetrates into the fluid chamber, the only thing keeping that fluid from leaking was a rubber seal. Regular wear and tear eventually cause that rubber seal to fail. The Kurt Kinetic fluid trainer has a sealed fluid chamber with a magnetically coupled driveshaft. Its silicone fluid can withstand temperatures from -50 degrees F to +130 degrees F. 

The video below shows how its construction really is superior to all other types of stationary bike stands. 

This fluid bike trainer is best suited for avid cyclists who will pedal more than 17 mph.  

Kurt Kinetic Cyclone 

While the fluid bike trainers are by far the best stationary bike trainers , they may not be the best for you. Kinetic by Kurt also offers the Cyclone bike stand, a wind resistance trainer with the same frame as the Road Machine. Although most wind trainers are known for being noisy and weak, the Cyclone is the exact opposite. This Kurt Kinetic trainer is known for its durability, speed-sensitive resistance and coast-down simulation. 

The Cyclone is best for beginners and provides a very realistic ride. 

With all Kurt Kinetic products… 

·       You receive an unconditional lifetime warranty. This covers all parts on the frame and resistance unit and applies to normal wear and tear as well as manufacturer’s defects. This warranty is for the original owner. 

·       You have the option of upgrading your stationary bike stand. For instance, you can upgrade a Cyclone wind resistance trainer to a fluid bike trainer by purchasing a Pro Resistance Unit, which includes a fluid resistance unit. 

For more information about these state-of-the-art stationary bike trainers, visit Kurt by Kinetic’s official website.